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Hi I’m Jocelyn Moore,

This is my first time to write something, so let me tell you a little about myself. I’m in the 8th grade at the Middle School. I’m currently taking Spanish and P.E. along with all the necessary classes (History, Language Arts, Science, and Math). Once school is out (in 6 weeks), I will go to High School (after summer of course). I enjoy reading and hanging out with my friends. When not at school, doing homework/chores, or hanging out with my friends I like to sit down and read a good book. I also enjoy hanging out with my siblings. Additionally, I am enjoying helping my grandparents get adjusted to this town.(they recently moved up to be near us).

My two favorite seasons are 1.Spring because of the beautiful flowers in bloom, schools almost out for the summer, and you get a long break to relax.(maybe)  my other favorite season is 2. Fall because of my birthday for one, but I also love the colors of the leaves. My favorite subject in school is probably math. I love figuring out problems and when I don’t get what we are learning I love the “Ah Ha” moment when I finally get what I am working so hard to figure out. I also like history because I love learning about my heritage and the famous people from the past that have changed my country forever.

Last of all I enjoy gardening. I go to a club at school called “Green Team” we plant some plants in our school greenhouse. We also help out at a community garden that helps people who need food. Also we do have some fun in “Green Team” and are going to a local farm next week to learn about how they farm and take care of their cows. Then we get to go to their store and have some ice cream. Well you get the idea. I would love to talk more but I don’t want to bore you and lose my audience so I won’t say anymore.

Until next time,

Jocelyn Moore

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