My Summer – Jeff

beach 060Hello my name is Jeff.  I am the 4th of the 6 Moore kids.  I am 11 years old.  I am going into 6th grade at a middle school.  I love reading, playing football, and watching the  Seattle Seahawks games.  Now I am going to tell you about my summer.  My summer has been great!  The weather has been beautiful and hot.  One day when I checked the thermometer it read 91 degrees!  Lately, I have liked reading and riding my bike around.  Especially to my Grandma and Grandpa Moore’s house.  I also like playing football with my brothers and neighbors.  This summer I have forgot to add has been very crazy.  With my Grandpa Anderson who was visiting, ending up in the hospital, Mom and Grandma Anderson have been gone a lot.  Normally, I don’t see them till 9 pm. But, today I woke up at 8am to see them off.  So much for sleeping in!  Also, Rosie and Jos have been working  lately so I don’t see them very often either.  Well, that is how my summer has been so far.  Now, I must stop talking.


Write to you soon, bye for now, Jeff