Spring Break 2015 – part one… wildlife

Saturday was the first day of spring break for the youngers.  The sweet thing was that it was a free day for Washington State Parks (you normally have to have a discover pass to get into the parks).  We looked at several different places, but due to construction and time constraints decided on venturing to Camano Island.  Camano Island has two state parks within a mile of each other – so if one didn’t work out, there was another right close by.  So we ignored the chores and piled into Big Bumpy.  After looking at the forecasts earlier in the week saying rain… it turned out to be a nice day!  We stopped first at Cama Beach State Park.  Unfortunately there wasn’t much parking there so we headed over to Camano Island State Park.

Between parks, one of the boys spotted a small fawn and was able to catch a blurry image as it crossed the road behind us.  Upon arriving at the park, we sat down for a picnic and watched an eagle soar above us – unfortunately, he disappeared before we were able to take his pic.  After lunch we walked the beach and in addition to just enjoying walking the beach, discovered lots of crabs.  We also discovered that there was another side of the park – so drove over there where there was not only beach but several hiking trails.  With not much time, we headed down one of the trails and found lots of snakes.  After enjoying some outside activities, we made a quick stop at the Cama Beach welcome center as it had been closed when we first arrived.  We had to make it brief as they were closing up shop for the day but there were several interesting displays of various wildlife.